Monday, August 2, 2010

A Series of Magnificent and [insert other describing words here] Events.

Alright so there was waaaayyyy too much that was passed over the weekend, SO as a result I will be resorting to pictures to tell my story. They're more fun anyways, right?? So here it goes folks! A series of *magnificently* wonderful outRAEgeous STUNNING tramatic smelly WiLd and quite frankly rad events.

On friday [aka: day two of meatless Rae] Snave and I stumbled upon a fried chicken restaurant food supplier and I had a small mental break down but nothing major [no worries] and continued on my merry way.

The fraaanss and I celebrated Heids birffday we a celebratory "PICK-UP-THE-FRIEND" ceremony, sadly the event ending with a crash and a BOOM!
[uh oh].
 In the end we still loved each other.

The Fam-A-Lam decided we would cook up some good ol' free entertainment and fill our lives with some treasured bonding time. And what better way to do that than chin puppets, water fights[yes, we come to conquer], and home-made piggy faces.
Don't mess with this Zohan family!

 Hope you have a merry cheery weary wild-raspberry smoothie day! YUM!

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