Friday, July 30, 2010

Vegans and Dorms and Birthdays Oh MY!

DAY TWO is complete and although I endured temptatious dinner my amigos parents made me... I denied the meat. Whhhaaaat?! OKAY! Yes, me. I passed on the meat portion of the meal. As delectable as it smelled/looked and probably tasted I was a-okay with my mac-and-cheese and peas please. I just filled this rumbling tummy with some tasty pineapple and watermelon to top this baby off. PLUS or minus the choco-choclately chip cookies and chocolate peanut butter icing cake. I have realized that without meat, cheese in any form has filled in the appropriate spot in my heart and may or may not be found at some point with each meal I devour.  Three cheers for cheese! cheese! Cheese! CHEESE! From grilled cheese, cheese quesoDILLas[like Napolean Dynamite?], mac-n-cheese, grapes and cheese I have experienced and cherished it all. Personally, I feel like I've accomplished something.. granted it may not be world hunger, but shooooot you gotta start somewhere!

On a completely different topic, I'm working with producers for a new reality show. Extreme Makeover: Dorm Edition. Okay well the working with producers part is a false statement BUT it would be pretty cool I must admit. Instead I'm recruiting the help of my stylish and expert amiga who is also an interior designer and my artsy, over-flowing with creations, unorganized (like myself) friend Snave.  With our brains there's bound to be some creative juices flowing.  I'm not gonna lie to you I'm pretty stoked. I even bought carpet for the room. KRAAAAZY. And I'm doing this project for under.... well cheap. I haven't figured out a spending cap for a poor college kid like myself. I do have tons of DIY projects that I'm going to take under my belt.[thanks to Design*Sponge--who is also publishing a book of sweet stuff like DIY [obviously], city guides, trend forecasting, recipes, and much moreeee.] {This should be interesting} I'll be sure to photo document that

One final note for the lads and lassies tuning in. Yesterday. Yes, not today the 30th of the month July but indeed the 29th was my dearest/best friend/roomie/fellow RA/dormer's BIG NINETEENTH birthday. Her last year being a teen [mine too but enough about me]. So I only saw it fitting to wish her a big ol' BLOGGY BLOG birthday and share that with my bloggy friends! Wish you could've shared in the delicioso cake with us, but it was indeed homemade and made my tummy tum tum happy.

{we know how to bring the FUNK!}

{True Roomie Love}

{Real Happy Camper}

I wish you all happy--days/DIYs/birthdays{to come}/challenges!!
Peace and blessings to all and to all a good night day.
Smiles all around.


    ahh a cheese quesodilla sounds so good right now!!

    haha and i love all those pictures. too cute!

  2. Awww Sammy Sam Sam...I'm so proud of you! A week without meat. God lord child, you have some kind of will-power going on thurrr. And I'm stoked to use our creativeness to turn your bland cinder-block dorm room, into a magical artsy room! huzah. <3 Lil' Snavey Snave Snave