Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scrumptious Snackety Snack!

While I attempted to cross of baking a delectable batch of brownies last night... it did not happen. You see, I had ALL of the ingredients and even the oil to grease the pan. But sadly, no pan. NO PAN?!, you ask! Yes, no pan.. so fail on the baking expertise. But the non-solid form was absolutely scrumptious!

{the batter is quite delectable if I must say so myself}

However, I did cross shhomething off my, list and that shhomething is-- drum roll peas and thank you-- [500] days of summer (rahhh rahhhh.. and the crowd goes wild!!) Anywho that was quite the movie.. loved the indie-ness of it and had a kraaaazy ending |crazy with a k, folks| Chyeah I know! And if you haven't seen it then.. run forest! Run to the nearest Redbox/Local Library/Blockbuster/locally-run movie store and rent that baby NOW! Aaaand if you have any more suggestions on movies containing similar qualities such as.. the Iraq {Miss America reference?} Then hook a sister up!

{okay for this photo reference: imagine that duck is named, [500] Days of summer, and my sister is chasing after it because "Mr. Ducky" is just that good.}

But for now Peace and Blessings all!

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