Friday, July 23, 2010

In five years...

I woke up this morning just peachy and keen. And as I was getting ready it hit me. What is my life going to be like in five years? [Yes, I have whimsical thoughts about the future and where I'll be.]  It was so interesting to me.  Honestly, I was kind of flabergasted-- a wonderful word I've been waiting to bust out.
Anywho, for real.
Will I be engaged?
MARRIED (eek!)?
Living in {wonderful} SoHo? [HOPEFULLY!]
I have no idea how my life is going to pan out. I have ideas of how I would like it to but it's no fun controlling everymoment of life. That's the glory of it! Live every day like it's your last. I may meet the man of my dreams today, tomorrow, [heck!] maybe six years down the road.  You just don't know. I may be travelling the world or living the small town life. It's just too crazy too think about sometimes. I get excited for whatever He has in store for me and nervous too-- that means I'll be done with school forever (unless Grad schools in the picture..?
Even more creepy exciting is I'll be all on my own, so I guess that means I can't be a kid anymore.. nahh! Really? Now that's just out. of. the question. I better start saving all my monies though because the next five years are going to be a pretty fun ride. Fo' FREE! Enough about this rubbish. Live in the moment, right?! I mean the world is so big and overflowing with endless possibilities.

[Yeah, you see those little specks of people in the middle that would be my biffle(aka~BFF!) and myself--smiles all around]

But maybe you should take a small ponder... where will you be in five years?
A penny for your thoughts,


  1. I love thinking about the future. I don't get scared, I just get excited. There is so much to look forward to!

  2. I've been thinking a lot about the future too and sometimes it get scary and nervewracking... but it's all in God's hands right? And the unexpected and unknown can also be very exciting and thrilling :)

  3. You both are so right! The unexpected is SO exciting. It's like little birthday presents. It's always a surprise-- unless you're a present shaker/pre-opener, then this analogy probably doesn't make sense. :)