Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Keep Calm and Journal.

So here it is ladies and gentleman... what you've all been waiting for. {drum roll please}. A "Run With Scissors" 30 Day Journal Challenge giveaway!!! Done by no one other than our fellow lover of pandas at Pixies and Bears, Lindsay!.  Yes, I was extremely excited about it too folks. So there ya have it. I would  strongly, highly, above all, recommend to visit Janell's site Run With Scissors to check out her new journaling challenge. Last month was pretty stellar but this time she's put her driven soul, mind, and heart out there and is offering spots for this super stellar class on her *ETSY* shop.. btDUBS you should probably check that out {right herrre}! She's got some pretty nifty items on this baby.  "But wait there's more!" [those good ol' infomercials have done me well] Check out our main girl at Pixies and Bears and see all the cool things she's offering.. like a FREE SPOT in the journaling class! Can I get a WHATT WHATT?? Did I forget to mention the coooooolest --and when I say coolest, I mean legitimately awesomest thing evaa--thing about this challenge? Please forgive me folks for withholding this from you, but Janel is hosting this journaling
challenge for a pretty awesome cause if I may say so myself! She and her hubby are venturing on into the wonderful world of sweet entertaining lovable children and are ADOPTING. I mean how cool is that. And who wouldn't want a piece of this action. SO the purpose of the challenge is explained all in her bloggy blog

Enjoy folks! And remember, Keep Calm and Journal.
Ciao, Rae.

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