Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Every great friend inspires revelations..

Last night I has an amazing evening catching up with an old friend.
He opened my eyes up to so many different things,
whether they came straight from him or spurred off of his intellectual witty-ness (props to his momma). 

How to live on the wild side and do the things you think are impossible... Climbing impossible tall buildings.  How not to worry about what others think and do what your heart desires... Wearing all spandex AND riding a tandem bikeHow to manage your time for the things that matter most... A list consisting of "Serenading people on the street to 'Your Body is a Wonderland'", "Prince St Cafe", "Learning/Playing guitars in a studio", "Playing the pianos on the streets of Lancaster", "Climbing buildings", and yes the list goes onHow to have the most fun at little expense... Riding a broken elevator that stops on each floor in a parking garage (trust me it's quite the experience) and then reaching the top to see an amazing view. How to be open and true to yourself and what your feeling, but then also have the strength to trust that God has it all... Talking to an old friend and spilling your guts and all this so they can say what you need to hear, then having a mini revelation.  How to love with all of your heart, and fight for the ones you love... Love without regrets and realize there is no such thing as a "soulmate"(pagan word), but the thought that there are multiple people in the world that you are capable of "making things work" in result forfeiting your fullest happiness.  With that said, sometimes the one your fighting for may be one of the ones you could have your fullest happiness but you can also rest in the thought that there is that other fish out there that could fill you just as much. God is Love... And in the end it all comes down to this verse. God. Is. Love. [1 John 4:16] He is the one and only that can truly fulfill you beyond what your mind can possibly concieve and without His love in you, you cannot completely love your love. 

--You can worship the Lord in everything you do; last night it was in fellowship. And I am at peace with exactly where I am in this journey with my Creator.

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