Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decisions. Decisions.

Have you every faced one of those life or death decisions?? Okay well wipe the sweat from your brow, because this is not one of those decisions. I just need a little encouragement in the frugal-ness area of my life.

OPTION Numero Uno.

A wonderful acoustic guitar to play some sweet melodies on?


OPTION Numero Dos.

A legit--and by legit, I mean LEGITIMATE, camera to take gnarly fotos (as the Spaniards would say)?

IDEALY I'd have a sweet camera to take pictures of dud-ettes, like my wonderful Brazilian friend below, who can play la guitarra too.

What are you saving for, buckaroo?

 Honey Bunches Of Oats Love,


  1. AHHHH both are such good options.. i think i would go with a camera because once you get a legit camera it takes picture taking to a new level!
    and i'm saving up for an ipod! mine just broke.. so i've been using a disc man! HAHAH!

  2. You plead a very good case friend. I'm thinking I might have to go with the camera.. Yessss!! I see you're kicking it old school with the disc man. Way to keep it classic hahahah!