Thursday, August 12, 2010

27 Dresses.. More like 2, but close.

HEY HEY HEY! {Say it so well, Fat Albert would be jealous}

So now two of my friends are engaged and are both planning on getting married within the next six months.  I am SO stoked and cannot wait.. I mean I was given the honor to be a bridesmaid in both of their weddings [maid of honor in one..YEAH BUDDY!]!  I'm seriously overly excited!  They are both so creative and are going to have the most AHHHMAZING WEDDINGS EVER.  I love hearing stories of how people met and were proposed to [you know, the corny lovey dovey stuff]. But it for reals strikes a cord in my heart and could spend countless hours listening to peoples stories.  Did I mention I'm really excited!? Well, yes, of course I am!  I just never thought I'd be beginning my bridesmaid dress collection so soon. I mean it's not like I'm at TWENTY-SEVEN or anything but two in six months seems like a mighty lot!

Bee Tee Dubs.. I AM glad my franss are stylish because these lovely dresses are nothing like the lovely Katherine Heigl had to wear in that hilarious movie.

My beautiful [Bride-to-Be] friends picked out some pretty rad dresses if I must say so myself.

I have finally reached the age where my friends are actually getting married.. both strange and exciting.

What stepping-stone/mile-marker of life have you reached???

Hope you have a lovely flower-blooming {it's raining in good ol' PA} day!



  1. congrats to your friends! and lucky you for being in a wedding...i've never been in one. i love going to them, though... ;)

    and hooray for cute dresses! i love them. and the fact that you can wear them again! {unlike katherine in 27 dresses hahah!}

  3. yes, ballerinas are so talended and strong. And of course, beautiful!!! thanks for your comment!

    i LOVE WEDDINGS!!! when my mother served a church as a pastor, we went to so many weddings that she did. I was like 6 then, and she doesnt serve a church anymore, but i remember loving all the weddings we went to that i loved. sight. guess i'll have to wait until i get to the age where all my friends are getting married for lots more weddings!

    AHHH! my friend bought the EXACT SAME DRESS from Victoria's Secret only in red. She wore it to a dance (yeaaa. im still in high school) and then i wore it to another dance. its a VERY sexy dress. it hugs your curves very well, and you feel really hot in it ;D
    its a lovely dress that i think any age can wear.

  4. Congratulations to your friends - and you for being a bridesmaid! I love the dresses, much better than the ones in 27 dresses!!

  5. I'm in the - getting married in 3 weeks and still crapping my pants a little - phase. Sweetest blog! :)