Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excuse me, Could you spare any change?

So I got to thinking and have come to realize I am an antsy person by nature. I've moved from state to state too many times to count on one hand, which isn't a bad thing at all. I loved it. I got to see new things and reinvent myself into whoever I wanted to be. Ultimately I found myself over these changes.

I'm quirky, the one to laugh at my own jokes, the one who breaks out in uncontrollable giggles when I'm nervous, the one who admires Suzy Homemaker and looks up crafts in Martha Stewart's: LIVING magazine, the one who is first to make fun of myself before anyone gets the chance, the one who trips going UP the stairs, the one who loves the chill atmosphere of coffee shops [and the people watching opportunities], the one who will some day take a hot air balloon ride, the one who ran her Bampa's lawn mower into the garage because she thought the gas was the brake [only to find out it would only bring her Bampa closer by bonding over a common secret], the one who gives complete and utter control to the hair dresser [because hair grows back, right?], the one who is itching to take pictures and photo documen-tate(?) her friends every move, the one who dreams over her future husband [even though she has no man in sight], the one who the one who runs around her house with her little brother [pretending to be dinosaurs], the one who will live some portion of her life in the city [a BIG city], the one who plays Butt Munchers and Sneaky Nuggets with the little sibs [it's a game passed down from sibling to sibling], the one who will quietly sit and watch her mom cook [taking in all her magical cooking ways], the one who can never save a dime [yet somehow is grasping the idea of it and is actual accumulating a savings], the one who has mastered her people skills at the mall [so much so that she can put stories to every stranger], the one who wants to be 'that girl' with a sweet motorcycle, the one who will one day step to the edge of an airplane/platform...and JUMP [I'll have a parachute/bungee cord silly], the one who can inhale more chocolate-peanut butter icing cupcakes in a minute than any other hot dog eating world champion, the one who aspires to venture around the world [maybe the moon!], the one who has a heart for missions [and fighting human trafficking(random, but true)]. I am me, and I am still learning about me.  I know I love the spontaneity of change and although I can't hop on a plane to Europe [or Egypt, or  Africa, or wherever] but I can... get a hair cut! And that is what I did yesterday.

[DISCLAMER: Were these pictures taken in the work bathroom?]
[Why yes, yes they were. Thanks for noticing.]

What is something on your heart that you want to do before it's too late?

Hope you have a thought-pondering and wonderfully wild Wednesday!


  1. cute outfit :)

  2. hey. i can't believe i never told you but i love this outfit and i don't think i have seen it in a year either. :0)
    plus, i love your hair here! and of course, you!