Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Findings Whilst Thrifting..

This past weekend Snavey Snave Snave and I thrifted our lives away! Literally. But I found some awesome finds which I'm superbly stoked about!  On friday{a day after this beautiful piece was put on craigslist}, I found the PERFECT chair for my dorm [you know a place for all my franss to place their bums while enjoying some good fellowship] but to my dismay it was sold THAT.DAY. I know I was kind of traumatized[my mom always told me I was over-dramatic, no wonder where my sister get's it from].

Moi Findings:
--An antiquey vintage chair. eight dolla dolla bills.
--A beautiful holder for all my junk necessities[A SHELF!]. fifteen dolla dolla bills.
--Stunna Shoess. two dolla dolla bills[each]
--THREE, Count 'em THREE embroidery hoops. fitty cent[each].

[retro chair in Snave's rollin machine--her subaro]

[hopefully I can make something as cool as Janel did]

Snave's Slick Findings:
--A gold chain with the graduating class of '77 pendant.
--A vintage bathing suit. six dolla dolla bills.
--and she ALMOST(but no cigar) purchased an original batiking painting....of a camel...for TWENTY dollaaas. [Probs not her thriftiest find in the Blue Mountain thrift store{obviously it was ginormous, MOUNTAIN is in the name for geesh sakes!}]

[Snave's bringing back the sheexxy with her suit]

I am officially moved back into college!!!!
Exciting right? Sort of bittersweet. Summers over and the fam's at home but I get to reunite with some pretty rad frannnns.
{and I'm redecorating my room..I'm gonna make all the peeps jealous with my wood paneling TV--kickin' it old school right herrre.}

Hope you have a thrifty-decorating Tuesday!!!!


  1. wooooooooooot! this is so exciting!!!! i love decorating!!

  2. Love it! And dannnnng girl! That's a whole lotta chair for only 8 big ones!

  3. Love that chair, can't believe it was only 8 dollars! I wish I could find goodies like that when thrifting! :)

  4. I was clickity-clicking through links off of my followers etc and clicked on this, read through the whole post and then was like, hey. waiiiiiiiiiiiiit I know her in real life... great finds! the blue mountain is always so hit or miss for me...but never found a camel...

  5. GREAT STUFF :) NICE! Love your blog... very cute.

  6. that vintage photo is awesome! love the swim suits! :)


  7. hey! i just found your blog and i really like it! i wouold like to invite you to visit my blog and follow each other! i follow you right now! kisses!!!
    p.s. by the way i do love thrifting, and i'm thinking of making a bazaar like that!

  8. what amazing finds!! and good luck with college, you are so adorable!