Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Shmeekend.

Why Hello There!
This past weekend I was blessed by reuniting with a friend from college. We ventured downtown for the monthly FIRST FRIDAY, with the little seester and her comrade in crime. It was a magical time captured by photography of my dear friend, Tony [aka Tone Tone].  It was a blast filled with delectable treats and refreshments found at my haven, Prince Street Cafe.  After filling our tummys, we hiked over to Queen Street to explore some galleries [sketchy galleries at that.. pretty creepy but SOOOOO worth it for these legit pictures] and all the heavenly vintage shops. I was in my glory friday night.

{one day I will own one of these puppys}

Hope you have a tea-drinking Monday!


  1. cute pictures! i love that little apron! it's so cute! and i just had a lovely green tea latte.


  2. Mmmmm. Green Tea! That sounds wonderful right about now! I should probably get on that.